56 96 56 96 Gudhjemvej 27, 3760 Gudhjem
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BornPark is proudly sponsered by:

We have room for more

As sponser of Bornpark you get:

  • A sign with name and logo by one of the 18 holes in a 20 by 20 cm format. (This Hole is sponsered by:___).
  • A sign on the sponser wall by the kiosk 20 by 50 cm.
  • The opportunity to hang additional information on our sponser board by the kiosk. (Fx. menucard, special offers or other).
  • A link with name and logo on our homepage.
  • A yearly sponser arrangement with turnements, food and prices.


We estimate 30.000 visitors pr. season

We are open from easter to week 42.

Our audience is turist, the people of Bornholm, schools and everybody who wants to experince a world of Borholm in 2 hours.
We also offer firm arrangements, bachelor parties and more.


Sponsorship is per year:

1 year. 6.000 DKK pr. hole

2 years. 10.000 DKK pr. hole

3 years. 12.000 DKK pr. hole

There can be volume discount of the amount of holes you sponser.

Could you have interest of being a sponser of Bornpark?


(Tryk her)

Eller ring på +45 56 96 56 96